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Gambrinus Sas Elisir Gambrinus 2008

Wine Type: Large_icon Large_icon
Style of Wine:Fruity & Smooth
Country of Origin:Italy
Wine Region:Veneto
Grape Varietal:Raboso Piave
Bottle Format:750mL
Case Size:6 bottles
$306.00 Per Case ($51.00/btl)

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Tasting Notes

A product of the skill of Giacomo di Giovanni Zanotto, this ancient Elixir first appeared in 1847 at San Polo di Piave in the province of Treviso, where the original manuscriptcontaining the recipe was faithfully copied down.
Experience accumulated over the years in ageing the red wine produced on the river Piave's stony banks encouraged him to study the effects of different aromas and natural substances on the wine's flavour. As a result Raboso Piave - the finest autochthonous vine of the Treviso district, one of the few native varieties of Veneto to survive the invasion of phylloxera that destroyed Europe's viticulture in the late 900s - was selected as a wine which ages beautifully, taking on a deep ruby red colour with garnet hues and an unmistakable scent ofMarasca cherries, wild blackberries and violets.
Elisir Gambrinus is still obtained today from the carefully chosen grapes of those same vineyards situated on the stony islets of the river Piave know as the "Grave del Piave".
It undergoes five years' ageing and is enriched with a skilful mix of wholly natural ingredients which enhance its qualities and give a delicate perfume and intense aromatic body. Conserved in oak casks, as tradition dictates,it is carefully inspected each year to ensure a perfect natural ageing process. Elisir Gambrinus is a jewel which gives the pleasure of serving something deliciously out of the ordinary, created in far-off times in the land of the Doges and evocative of places and ancient feasts steeped in history and fascinating Venetian traditions. Elisir gambrinus is a wonderful tonic, served at 2°-3° C or with ice at the end of a meal. Delicious and absolutely natural, this delightful liqueur will pleasantly conclude that special dinneror discreetly accompany convivial gatherings.

Vine: Raboso Piave
Wine producing region: San Polo di Piave (Treviso) Italy
Production method: Made to the original manuscript containing the recipe with natural raw material: Raboso Piave wine, wholly natural aromas, "bongusto" alcohol, Raboso Piave grappa, cane sugar.
Preservation: Aged in oak barrels of 55 hl and a part in barriques.
Bottling: After approximately 4-5 years of age.


Colour: intense ruby red tending to garnet, with purple flashes; clear, compact and consistent.
Fragrance: full bouquet, pleasant, slightly sharp perfume. On first impact fruity and ethereal with strains of Marasca cherries and wild blackberries, the back taste has the flavour of must, reminiscent of hay and spicy vanilla.
Flavour: a sweet, harmonious and dry, typically hard flavour, the full force of which is released immediately. The bouquet is reminiscent of violets.
Backflavour: the full “heat” is accompanied by a soft, sweet fruity flavour which gives way graduallyto a slight cherry backtaste.
Alcoholic content: 27%
Total dry extract: 220.7 gr/l
Bottle Size: 700 ml

Other Recipies:
Ingredients for 4 persons: Elisir Gambrinus 2 dl, vodka 2 dl, 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Place the ice cream into the electric whisk together with half quantity of the Elisir. Whisk for 3-4 minutes then add icy vodka and the rest of the Elisir. Whisk for a few minutes. Serve in flute champagne glasses or in wine glasses previously chilled in the freezer.

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