About WineWire

The Founders:

Adam And Nelson

WineWire.ca is the brainchild of Adam Bekhor and Nelson Abreu, two young entrepreneurs from very different backgrounds who came together through a shared love of wine and a passion to build a business that could change the way Canadians come to know and experience wines. Adam, who comes from a finance and marketing background, and Nelson, the co-founder of a small Toronto wine agency, believe WineWire.ca can become the most trusted source in Canada for wine lovers to discover – and buy – wines they can’t find in their provincial liquor store.

Our Mission:

To change the way Canadians experience the joy of wine.

How Does it Work?

WineWire.ca offers customers a convenient online ordering mechanism to purchase case lots of wines directly from independent wine agents. Working as a marketing representative for the wine agencies listing their products on our site, we do not directly handle any part of the actual buyer-seller transaction. That said, if you have a complaint about any wine agency promoting its products on WineWire.ca, we want to hear about it. Please drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you. We can be reached at 1 (855) 517-7555, or by e-mail at [email protected].

For now, WineWire.ca only promotes wines carried by Ontario wine agents, which can only be sold to customers residing within the province. However, our plan is to grow and expand WineWire.ca to other parts of Canada in the near future. Keep checking our site for news.

Our Partners:

WineWire.ca represents an ever-growing roster of independent wine agencies, carrying some of the best wines in the world. We do not hold an exclusive relationship with any one wine importer or producer. Visitors to WineWire.ca have the opportunity to learn about, discuss and purchase wines from any of the many competing wine agencies that choose to list their products on our site. We do not offer category exclusivity to anyone.

The power of choice rests with the customer. We believe that’s the way it should be.