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Episode #1 - Not your average California Chardonnay

In the inaugural episode of WineWire TV, Adam and Nelson taste three California Chardonnays that show off their style in three very different ways.

Wines Featured in this Episode


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Thumb_default Ruffles
“I love this wine, so good!”
Thumb_avatar WineWireNelson
“Precisely, and Mud is a nickname for that yeast (and other solid matter) that fall to the bottom of the fermentation vessel; or at least that's what it feels like when my hands are in it :)”
Thumb_default geek4wine
“When a wine is left on its lees, it simply means that all of the dead yeast cells that are left over after fermentation are allowed to sit at the bottom of the tank while aging. This is what gives a wine it's yeasty, bready or biscuity notes. I dont know about the mud...”

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